Wednesday, February 23, 2011

 Full Face Lift  3,300 USD
As we age, our facial skin loosens and wrinkles, the muscles 

of the neck may weaken as well. A facelift can address 

these problems by firming and tightening the skin of 

the face and neck all in one step.
 Breast Augmentation 2,800 USD 
Breast Augmentation is a surgery designed to 

enlarge the breasts. This surgery is frequently sought 

by women who are unhappy with the small size of 

their breasts, sometimes as a result of pregnancy 

or weight loss.

Male to Female
 8,000 USD 
The goal of transsexual surgery is to provide 

an aesthetically attractive and functional result which 

permits both effortless intromission and full orgasmic 

potential. Creation of an adequate vaginal pouch, a 

sensate and hooded clitoris, and a feminine vulva 

with delicate labia are paramount. Ultimate conjugation 

of the labial axis to the anterior midline requires a 

second stage procedure called a labiaplasty. To 

maintain and extend vaginal depth, medical grade 

dildos will be worn for a portion of each day. After 

suitable wound healing, sexual activity is a natural

way to establish the permanency of the result.
  Double Eyelid 600 USD 
Double eyelid surgery is extremely popular in 

most Asian nations and has been performed 

for many decades, long before the infiltration of 

Western media and before Hollywood movie 

stars became popular there.

 Augmentation Rhinoplasty 600 USD
The incisions are placed on the rim of the alar 

of nose. Dissection along the nose is done to 

create the appropriate space for silicone implant

Soft medical-grade silicone implant is carved 

intraoperatively and inserted through an incision

inside the nose.

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